Military Watches for Sale...

  Everything shown is either in the original found state or restored using only original manufactures parts. All watches are serviced and the old blue steel mainspring replaced with a white alloy unbreakable mainspring prior to shipping.

***Purchase price includes:
  • Warranty
  • Strap, even if it is not pictured in the photos
Shipping & Handling is $20 and includes: priority mail, insurance and tracking.

I will happily send additional photos upon request.

Many times there is a similar watch on the bench to replace an item marked sold. If you see a watch you are interested in and it is marked sold please let us know.

Please feel free to email me or call 309-386-4979 with any questions

Bulova Accutron Sales and Service


  We welcome you to visit the following link featuring watches contracted by the US Armed Forces. Please don't mind the dust or smudges on some of these as they have not been serviced yet.
Available Watches


Watch Repair And Routine Maintenance is now offering guaranteed* wrist watch and pocket watch repair or service. Overseeing the work done on your timepiece are a watchmaker with over 45 years experience and myself a collector and restorer of military time pieces for over 15 years. While this site specializes in military time pieces we welcome both military and civilian watches for service or repair. All military watches submitted for repair or service will be serviced with only military contract parts**. In the event a specific military part is not available it will be up to the owner to decide if OEM or civilian substitutes are acceptable. Please contact directly for specific pricing on your timepiece.

* Warranty
  • All repaired items also require service.
  • Service/Repaired items are guaranteed to run and keep consistent time for a period of 6 months from the time of return.
  • Timepieces submitted for warranty with broken staffs, cracked, chipped or broken crystals, or with the presence of rust/moisture are considered abused and are void from warranty.
** Parts
  • All timepieces submitted require, if not already present and in working order, installation of a white metal, unbreakable mainspring. Elgin produced a military contract mainspring in the 50's for their 8/0 movements and that will be used on all Elgin's submitted. Bulova & Hamilton produced their own unbreakable mainsprings to civilian watchmakers and in the case of Waltham a Swiss OEM mainspring will be used.
  • Replacement crystals for military watches are acrylic, low profile, modern day replacements.
*** Warning
  • Some of the watches listed on this site contain luminous materials that include radioactive materials. We do not test for any levels of radiation. Numbers on the dials and the fill material in some hands include this radioactive material. Even if the hands or dials do not glow there may be some radiation still being released. While these materials are no longer used in modern watches, they are present in these vintage offerings. If you prefer to have the old luminous removed and replaced with modern materials we can do so for an additional fee.